Accelerating Africa’s Development Through Innovative Financing

Project Finance involves the financing of a particular project, such as power generation stations, railways, hospitals, toll roads, hotel, residential or commercial properties, etc, which is repaid from the cash flows of that project usually over a medium to long term. We provide highly innovative and timely project financing facilities across key sectors of any economy such as real estate, health, manufacturing, energy (oil & gas), among others.

Venispero, has a strong practice in infrastructural and supplier chain financing and advises private sector investors bidding for and engaging in or raising finance for a particular project or supply demand.  We help assess options for delivering projects, develop financial models to evaluate financial options, and structure and negotiate with the funding market to obtain competitive terms for our client’s projects.

We have a deep understanding of Africa’s unique economic potentials and the fact that the need for key infrastructure projects cannot be funded by government budgets alone. We have strong networks that we leverage to broker strategic partnerships between governments and the private sector in the delivery of public infrastructure and related service delivery.

Venispero has significant experience in advising both private and public entities on financing major capital investment projects and capital placements with domestic and international banks, as well as institutional investors.